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Thursday, December 15th, 2005
7:10 am
Last night I was reading New Ishtar Power and I came across a ritual he uses to contact the 'entity' of a business. The egregore, though he doesn't call it that. this book was published in 1976 I think. It's the earliest reference to an egregore that I've seen. I have to say I am a latecomer to Chaos so I don't know if it was around before. Just thought it was interesting.

One of the mainstays of the book is running energy through the chakras and into the aura to achieve specific aims. I'm not confident in my visualization abilities but I am drawn to magick that requires little in the way of physical tools. I've realized that rather than helping me to focus, they are actually distracting to me. I love the poetry of the chalice and wand and blade and pentacle. But when it comes to actual practice I have to admit they don't really mean anything to me on anything but an intellectual level.

I did work a bit of the energy running exercises while in bed this morning. I had what I call a 'rollout' A lucid dream I think, perhaps an out of body. I went into my living room, which is very different than in outer life (why I tend to think of these as lucid dreams) and sort of looked around. I was fairly lucid so I did a decent attempt at creating a thoughtform while in that consciousness. It's to get the attention of someone I haven't heard from in a while. So I'm waiting for results.
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
7:16 am
My last entry was over a year ago. I didn't realize that. Though I haven't been doing the project. Distracted by work. Which is difficult. I need to work with magick to create a better situation but I have a hard time when I'm distracted.

I've been doing the New Avatar chant for improvement in a health situation. I think I'm seeing some improvement. I'm doing a variation of them from a Finbarr book, looks like at some point the author just "borrowed" the chants and info from the NAP book, made a few changes and put his name on them. I'll start using those and see if there is a difference.

Looking at Manning's new Ishtar power. No matter how bad they are, I love those cheesy "testimonials" I remember when I was a kid, the Parker-Reward books were pretty much all that was out there. My first introduction to magick. Maybe that's why I love them so.

The Ishtar book has some interesting ways of working with the Chakras. I've been reading it and getting some ideas for working with them myself. I've thought of charging them with runes and/or sigils.
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
10:46 am
Spell work.
OK, long time.
Last Sunday I did a candle spell from The Enchanted Candle. It was a healing candle with an uncrossing candle to go along with it. Man did it work.

I've had trouble with my knees for years. So I carved a healing wand symbol on one and the uncrossing symbol (it's in the Santeria style, lots of X's on a long axis, usually associated with Legba/Ellegua) I started it Saturday afternoon and by Monday morning there was an 80% improvement. Can't complain about that. I'm doing a couple more this weekend to see if I can get rid of the rest of it. After that, I'm thinking of some thing to calm things down at work. I don't use the 7 day pullouts that are the standard. Last weekend I used the 1" by 9" candles, this time I'm using the pull outs but the refills, without the glass holder. Seems to be working pretty well. I would like to do a lot more long burning candle spells, particularly the seven day spells but I am absolutely paranoid about leaving them alone. I put them in the tub and lock the cat out of the bathroom but I'm still freaking as I write. I know it will be Ok but there is the recurring fear, is everything I own in flames? And can they trace it back to me?

I have a lot of resonance withe Hoodoo/Santeria magick, though nothing formal. I'm not good with structured systems, I just lose interest too quickly. And I admit, commitment isn't a strong point either.

I'm also thinking of working for a new place. I really need a quieter place. I am very sensitive to noise and my apartment has a lot of young kids. For a lot of them, it looks like the first place they have after college. Or high school. So, yeah it's noisy. I try to be honest and remember myself at that age.

But I want to do a lot more ritual work and I need quiet.

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
6:55 pm
Did this spell work?
Wednesday I did a simple spell, a spoken chant to get some overtime for Saturday. Sure enough, I was asked Friday morning to come in the next day.

So Saturday comes and I show up. And the place is locked up. Seems someone, anyone forgot to tell me that it was called off. I was pretty upset, particularly since I'd had other problems for the past couple of day. (That I let things get out of control was partly, not all my fault)

But I have been thinking, how do I qualify this spell?

I'm thinking of doing another one for Friday. We're merging with another plant and after several weeks of handling things very badly, management has decided a picnic where we get to meet the other folks might be a good idea. But if the results of the first are any indication, is it a good idea? I'm not a believer in the "rule of three" The above result may have happened whether or not I did the spell. But just wondering.

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
7:25 pm
OK, it's been awhile. I raise my head and blog.

I did get kind of bored with the New Ishtar Power thing. I still want to try some other 70's stuff, to start the experiment again. I am trying The New Avatar Power. I have had a bit of success with it in the past.

I guess things just weren't happening. Don't know if it's because it didn't work in and of itself or I just lost interest. Which is death to effective magick. That's why sorcery and Chaos appeal to me. I'm simply a results oriented person.

On the bright (dark?) side I am halfway through The Psychic Vampire Codex. I recommend it totally. Fascinating. I am looking forward to trying the energy exercises. Like I said, halfway through it and I got it last evening.

I am now waiting for Teriel's Time/Space magick. Oh, yes also got the Chaos cookbook. Also recommended, a lot of great ideas that lead to great ideas of my own.

On the home front, a few weeks ago, I unhooked the antenna to my TV. Thought I was wasting time watching it or semi-watching it. You know, book or magazine in one hand, glancing up at the tube when it sounded like something interesting. So I said the Hell with it. It's soul sucker and not in a sexy way.
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
8:47 am
Sigh. Haven't kept up. After a couple of days of good nibbles, as in my last post, a couple of days of nothing. And last night, zero sleep. Woke up not only exhausted but headachy and generally miserable. Called in sick to work. Annoying, I don't like to do that. but between no sleep and feeling like crap, not only would I not have gotten anything done right, I would have been VERY! brittle. Lack of sleep does that to me.
I'm going to spend a little time on the computer, then back to bed.

I did make a minor change in the wording of the pentagram ritual to see if that will make a change in the results. It's minor but words are funny that way. A small change can make all the difference.
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
8:15 pm
So I have been doing the Basic Ishtar ritual, you know the one where I put my left hand in the center of the star (available free, online from Al G. Manning's e.s.p. lab) I've also been doing the basic chanting to clear my chakras. I'm assuming they are blocked, I can never "feel" my chakras. I can't tell a difference yet but if they are subtle enough, well I might not notice them. But seeing the actual changes is part of the game for me.

I have also been doing the pentagram ritual for power. In this rite, you trace a pentagram on your body, saying the name of a deity at each point. Then ask for what you want. Wednesday night I asked for an experience of astral travel. I did the ritual, really a simple charm for about ten minutes. Over and over till I was feeling done and even losing a bit of clarity in speaking. Again, this is something that when I first read it, I thought "chaos". Last night I did it for an out of body experience. A lot of people say they are the same. A lot say they are different. Never having had either one, I can't comment. I didn't get what I asked for but I got some interesting results.

Wednesday I had a dream. I was traveling across the country, by way of the northern border. I started in Seattle, ended up in Wisconsin in the course of a few minutes. Great Time! It definitely had travel, just not astral travel.

Last night I asked for the O.O.B. I didn't get it. Instead, I heard several 'bongs' through the night. Not that kind of bong. A sort of metallic sounding boiiiiinggg. Like a gong. In my semi-sleep state, I thought it was my cat knocking books off the side of the bed. But when I woke up, the books were all there and they wouldn't have made that sound anyway. And I did recall reading that people have experienced that kind of sound when leaving the body.

Interesting results, even if they weren't what I was aiming for. I've been doing the pentagram rite several times during the day, then for several minutes at night. Today as well. We'll see what happens then.

Yay for three day weekends.
Monday, June 28th, 2004
8:10 pm
I was gonna do all that yesterday. Yeah, right. I did get a lot of the usual done: laundry, shopping.

I did move a little table into my bedroom, against the East wall as the book (The Magick of New Ishtar Power) I'm lucky in that my apartment is almost exactly on a N/S axis. I wiped the altar down with some Florida water. I think it is better in my bedroom, a little more private. Placed two candles, pillars so I don't need the holders.

Tonight I'll start. Do the alignment Manning suggests. It's the method of unblocking and charging the chakras. He talks about "feeling" blocks in the chakras. I have never been any good at "feeling" these things, in any way. I will do the exercises and chant for all the chakras. Given the way things are, I figure all of them could use some work.

Man, LJ is being a slow, difficult prick tonight.
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
12:53 pm
Today I'm going to set up an altar area. Move the TV to where the chairs are and vice versa. exchange the trunk and the entertainment center as well. Though I should ask Jan if she wants it, I may just leave it out for someone to take it. If I can find a place for the few things there. If I move the computer desk down a bit, I can use the trunk for holding the CD player and the telephone and other stuff. And It will be nice to have the rocking chair where the TV is now, I'll get a nice breeze between the open window and the door. I'm tempted to get rid of the red chair. Don't know. But I will be able to put two altars against the south wall if I choose. I'm not sure if I should put it there or on the North wall. It will be by the TV, which I'm not crazy about but still might be the best place. If I put it against the closet wall back it will be against an east wall. That might be best.

I'll wash down the altar itself with Florida water, I've got that. Then I may do the consecration tonight. I can start the protection thought form tomorrow, carry it on through next Sunday.

I like that about Mannings work, it deals a lot with making thoughtforms. It's main method of generating power is through chant, which works for me, and visualization which somewhat works for me. Reading through White Witchcraft, I don't see any sort of instructions for launching a thoughtform, although when he talks about making a watcher thoughtform he does tell you to send it "on it's way"

Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft

Moon Lore and Moon Magick

The Magick of New Ishtar Power
Saturday, June 26th, 2004
7:55 pm
Finished book.
Today I finished Manning's The Magick of New Ishtar Power. I plan to read Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft and Moon Lore and Moon Magick when it arrives. He's got another one on ritual magick. Pretty cheap through Amazon, so I may get it in a few weeks.

Ishtar Power deals with a lot of chakra work, referring to them as the transformers of the personalities/dieties of Babylonian gods; Marduck, Ishtar, Bast, Thoth, (Egyptian, I know)It relies a lot on Prana/breath work, which I have very little experience with, and circulating that power through the aura. I've never really been a big fan of chakra work but it is interesting in this context.

Early on he has a spell of tracing a pentagram on your body, starting at your forehead, left hip, right shoulder, left shoulder, right hip, back to forehead. There are god names for a particular purpose. His testimonials say most people did it for fifteen minutes, repeating the chant and the pentagram. It's pretty easy to see the chaos principal here. So It is one of the first things I'm going to try.

I'm going to try working through this book and the White Witchcraft book from start to finish. I'll admit, commitment isn't a strong point of mine but I'll give it a try. If it works, well, that may strengthen it.

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Friday, June 25th, 2004
9:59 pm
I have developed a fascination with those occult books of the Seventies. Al G. Manning, Jeff Grey-Cobb. Even Raymond Buckland did Chant-o-matics.

They have several things in common. They are easy to do. They use a minimum of equipment. They have no Wiccan rules, going after someone specific in a love spell/ritual is OK, or at least using it to get the targets interest is. And they all, all have "Mark N." testimonials.

I first came across these as a kid, my mid teens. I was fascinated by the possibility of changing my dreadful life with magick. But ultimately I did nothing with them, I couldn't figure out how to burn any candles and chant in my bedroom, without my parents hearing. And I also never quite believed those testimonials. I'd assumed they were simply made up.

Then, a few months ago, a post in a Yahoo group I lurk in gave some chants/incantations from The Miracle of New Avatar Power. He also gave the authors version of the Middle Pilar Attraction ritual. It uses the elemental color scale of the ritual to bring or send away things. Several people on the list told about how they knew this book and had success with the spells. It led to a discussion of the testimonials themselves. A lot of people voiced dislike about them and thought some of them were made up but that it was part of the plan to increase peoples confidence with the work. It was the first time it ever occured to me that anyone thought they could be true. But who was I to contradict?

So this is a journal of my work with them. How successful they will be, I don't know. But I plan to have fun finding out.
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